sabato 24 febbraio 2007

Today's bento ^^

Today in Milan was a cloudy day, I am always happy but I thought I needed a smile more ^^ so I went to the supermarket to take some veggies, peppers, zucchini, carrots...and found a strange black ! is not savage rice, and not even black cuttlefish rice, just black rice ^^
then I bought ^^
Came home and started to cook the rice, added butter, pinch of salt, bit of water...5 minutes and was well done YUM YUM ^^
cleaned and cut the salad, the mushrooms, the carrot, (made sakura flower with my special cutter yeeee) take an orange and cut into small segments and also added a tonkatsu then packed everything into what you see below ^^
what do you think ?

Hello everybody ^^

It would be impossible to make a translation of every post of my blog, however I'll try to post here some of thenicer posts and foto and also use this space for chatting and speaching about kitchen and Japan ^^
Everybody who loves one or the other or both or likes eating is invited to cooment and speack about ^^ LOL :-3